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Marina Herber was born 1980 in Normandie (France) and came to Luxembourg in 1986. Already in her early childhood she was drawing everthing that passed her eyes in everyday life but mainly creatures, beginning with bacteria via human and animals up to prehistoric mythical creatures....


Create a very own style

First she took well-known characters for her first Illustrations ans Cartoons who have been transferred to extended or new written stories. Then she started to create her first own stories and characters. After attending a common art education and solving several study-courses in serigraphy, as a camera assistant in architectual modelbuilding and as a restorer for oil paintings, she completed her education in a college of higher education for animation and animated cartoon.

After a short course of studies at the Studio 352 in Luxembourg, she realized and produced in 2005 under the name "The Histeric Teabags" her first own cartoon with the title "Magic Oil", the story of a seagull and a popcom-addicted penguin. Since 2006 she works als Freelance with the name Marinazz and her goal is to create a very own style of Illustrations and Paints...the "OPTIMISTIC ART"

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